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Athletic Training & Website Video - Case Study

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DT Management

DT Management works with athletes from a young age and takes them through the process of college recruitment, scholarships, and more.

Case Study

Limited Digital Reach

David Hoshko reached out to Page One Digital to create a website that would help them clarify all the services they have to offer to their family of athletes and to help potential clients find their athletic training website on search engines.


Why They Chose Page One Digital

DT Management came to Page One Digital through a referral from a satisfied client.

Page One Digital Solutions

1. Website Design

David had begun working on a website for his business on his own. He was having trouble clearly communicating all the services that his business has to offer. Additionally, he wanted to show off the partnerships and the professional video footage that they had for DT Management. Page One Digital revamped the athletic training website and reworked the website video footage into a loop that is now featured on the homepage. In addition to creating a page dedicated to highlighting their services, we also created a page highlighting DT Management’s partnerships.

DT Management home page
DT Management about page
DT Management services page

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Marketing for a personal trainer is more than just building a new website. Page One Digital performed in-depth research into DT Management’s target audience to choose the appropriate keywords and other SEO factors to optimize their site content.

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DT Management reported improved website leads and conversion rates.

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Making Small Businesses Stronger

Page One Digital helped revamp DT Management’s website and video reels to better promote their business to the parents of young athletes. 

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