Social Media Audit

If you are investing in social media marketing, you are likely hoping to connect and engage with your target audience. The best way to ensure you can do this effectively is to set your profiles up for success.  Page One Digital’s Social Media Audit can provide you with actionable findings to improve your profiles.


Do I need to audit my social media profiles?

Every social media platform has profile setup and posting best practices. Additionally, there are optimal approaches depending on your target audience. If those factors are not being properly considered, you are unlikely to get ideal results from your social media marketing efforts. A few signs that indicate a social media audit might be needed:

  • Low post engagement
  • Minimal or inconsistent reach (impressions) per post
  • Unchanging or diminishing follower count

If anything mentioned above seems like a foreign language to you, we highly suggest you pursue an assessment to ensure you are getting the most out of your social media efforts. Our Social Media Audit will identify foundational profile issues — both setup and post strategy — that are affecting the overall performance of your social media marketing.

What’s Included in a Social Media Audit?

We’ll conduct a thorough social media platform (for example Instagram or Facebook) assessment to examine profile setup components that can affect your post performance, and we’ll review your posts to make recommendations about how best to engage with your target audience on that platform. For each element of the social media audit, we explain what we find, and if an issue is found, what action is required to fix it. 

Once your Social Media Audit is complete, Page One Digital will review the findings with you so that you have a deeper understanding of any issues with your profile(s) and our proposed solutions. At that point, you can move forward on the fixes with our support or take the findings and work with your own marketing team on solutions.

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