Advertising Audit

Your advertising ROI depends on a strong campaign setup as well as campaign collateral. If your ads are not getting the results you want, Page One Digital’s Advertising Audit can provide you with actionable findings to improve your campaigns.


Is an Advertising Assessment Worth It?

Every advertising platform has campaign setup and campaign asset best practices. If those best practices are not achieved, you are paying for campaigns that could yield a stronger result. A few signs that indicate an advertising audit might be needed:

  • Low quality score (Google Ads specific metric)
  • Minimal or decreasing conversions
  • High costs per lead, click, or result
  • High ad frequency

If anything mentioned above seems like a foreign language to you, we highly suggest you pursue an assessment to ensure you are getting the most out of your advertising efforts. Our Advertising Audit will identify foundational ad campaign issues — both setup and asset — that are affecting the overall performance of your advertisements.

What’s Included in an Advertising Audit?

We’ll conduct a thorough ad platform (for example Google Ads or Facebook Ads) analysis to examine a wide range of behind-the-scenes factors that can affect your campaign’s performance. For each element of the audit, we explain what we find, and if an issue is found, what action is required to fix it. We look at both campaign setup and campaign assets (among a few other key campaign elements) that directly affect your advertising performance.

Once your Advertising Audit is complete, Page One Digital will review the findings with you so that you have a deeper understanding of any issues with your campaigns and our proposed solutions. At that point, you can move forward on the fixes with our support or take the findings and work with your own marketing team on solutions.

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