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Insurance Advisor Website - Case Study

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Senior Market Solutions

Senior Market Solutions sells Medicare supplement insurance.

Case Study

Improve Quality of Leads

They had a one-page insurance advisor website and were hoping to expand their reach to better attract digital leads. With their current setup, they were having to do a lot of cold calling to sign clients. Page One Digital suggested creating a much more detailed website in addition to digital ads to improve their online reach.


Why They Chose Page One Digital

Senior Market Solutions came to Page One Digital via a Google search.

Page One Digital Solutions

1. Website Redesign 

Senior Market Solutions had a one-page website with limited information about what they have to offer those looking for Medicare supplement insurance. Page One Digital worked with Senior Market Solutions to create a new website that addresses all questions related to Medigap insurance.

Senior Market Solutions Website Before:

Senior Market Solutions Website After:

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

In addition to a new website, Senior Market Solutions needed to improve its chances of ranking in search results. Our SEO experts researched the target market for the insurance advisor website and applied optimizations to increase its opportunities of being seen by the right people.

3. Digital Advertising 

One of the key elements of our marketing strategy for Senior Market Solutions was digital advertising, both on Facebook and Google. Page One’s work on this serves as a Facebook ad example for others to follow. In fact, a full Facebook advertising case study could be based on these successful campaigns.

The Facebook ads were created with the intention of creating more targeted audiences and remarketing campaigns, while the Google ads focused on targeted leads based on their search queries. Several of the pages on the new insurance advisor website were created in order to optimize conversions, and the campaigns have proven to be very successful.

SMS digital ad
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“Kimberly has been terrific to work with. She is flexible, fast, and a very good communicator! Super happy with her and her team's work thus far.”

Alicia G, Director of Operation, Senior Market Solutions


We were able to hit (or exceed) this client's lead goals every month. They have since sold the company due to it's success.

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