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Legal Research Website - Case Study

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Website Redesign

Taylor Research Group

Taylor Research Group is a historical, litigation, and environmental research company that provides necessary research to businesses or law firms.

Case Study

Difficult Site Navigation

Their main reason for contacting Page One Digital was that it was difficult for users to navigate their website, so priority one was website navigation design. The company also needed to reach its target audience by improving its search ranking, updating its website for mobile responsiveness, connecting its blog to the main website, and organizing the site for business promotion and improved user experience.


Why They Chose Page One Digital

Taylor Research Group founder, John Taylor, was referred to Page One Digital by Dr. Larry Markson, who was very satisfied with the work done for his company, The Cabin Experience.

Page One Digital Solutions

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Page One Digital created a list of keywords based on the target audience for Taylor Research Group to review and approve. Once the keywords were approved, the Page One Team helped them work those words into their content in an attempt to help them improve their search engine page results (SERPs) through SEO. This improved the website’s ranking.

Screenshot of Taylor Research Group search engine results page from Google.

2. Website Redesign 

Page One Digital’s web design specialists were able to organize the site in a way that promoted Taylor Research Group’s services much more powerfully than their old site did. Our website navigation design made the site user-friendly, and we added client reviews to the bottom of each page to support their business promotion.

With the blog embedded directly into the site, Page One Digital saved the Taylor Research team a lot of time when posting blogs (with the added value of SEO equity).

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“We contacted Kimberly Portuondo in late 2016 to help us improve our website visibility prior to rebranding the company and could not be happier with that decision. She worked efficiently to get us a list of keywords to review for our search engine optimization management and then effectively incorporated those we chose seamlessly into our website content. We cannot thank her enough for her professionalism, expertise, and hard work throughout this process.”

John Taylor, Owner, TRG


Taylor Research Group’s new website has helped them steadily gain organic traffic from their target audience.

Various graphs showing organic web traffic for Taylor Research Group’s new website.
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A User-Friendly Solution

Taylor Research Group’s new optimized and responsive website (with easy navigation) was just what they needed to steadily gain organic traffic from their target audience. 

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