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Marketing a Coaching Business - Case Study

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ChiroDestiny is a chiropractic coaching group that helps chiropractors achieve the practices and lives of their dreams. Dr. Brett Axelrod and Dr. Rick Markson and their professional coaching team help fellow chiropractors reach their personal and professional goals. They turned to Page One Digital to start marketing their coaching business.

Case Study

Growing Their Business

The owners clearly needed a website redesign and an improved social media presence. They also needed to improve their email marketing and advertising efforts to help them grow their client base. Marketing for consultants can be a challenge, so they looked for expert assistance.


Why They Chose Page One Digital

Dr. Markson and Dr. Axelrod were familiar with CEO Kimberly Portuondo’s skills in digital marketing. They knew that her expertise in digital marketing was what they needed to succeed in reaching and serving their target audience.

Page One Digital Solutions

1. Website Design 

ChiroDestiny needed a website that highlighted the partners, their experience, and their breadth of knowledge. Our web design specialists also wanted to feature the numerous benefits of their coaching services as well as the extensive list of topics they cover. 

In addition to creating the website, Page One Digital worked closely with the ChiroDestiny team to create an online learning portal for clients to engage in training to help grow their individual practices.

2. Social Media 

Page One Digital established a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for ChiroDestiny to expand its reach and communicate with users on various social platforms.

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3. Email Marketing 

The partners at ChiroDestiny wanted to reach chiropractors across the US and Canada. Prior to working with Page One Digital, they purchased an email opt-in list, unknowingly causing damage to their email marketing efforts. They reported that their emails did not seem to be reaching as many people as they had in the past.

The purchased list was causing their emails to go directly to spam. We worked on cleaning up their existing CAN-SPAM-compliant list while attracting more people to provide email addresses with free giveaways on their site. 

Next, we set up weekly emails on behalf of ChiroDestiny. We grew and segmented the email lists to target ChiroDestiny’s specific audience. The email open rates and click-through rates rose steadily.

4. Online Advertising 

Once we finished designing the new website and establishing a strong social media presence for ChiroDestiny, we began running ads on Facebook and Google to help spread the word about their services. Our digital advertising specialists set up a free 10-question practice assessment allowing ChiroDestiny coaches to provide a customized consultation for potential clients. This has helped to improve the close rate for ChiroDestiny leads significantly.

“KP Kreative pushed us to embrace technology we were either unaware of or unable to use on our own. The e-learning portal has been huge for our clients, and KP’s social media efforts and website redesign have gotten a lot of attention from new clients. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Rick Markson, Partner, ChiroDestiny


Our implemented solutions made a significant difference in ChiroDestiny’s ability to reach their target audience and how they presented their information and themselves as professionals.

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Solutions for Chiropractic Coaching

Our expert team applied their knowledge of marketing a coaching business to help ChiroDestiny’s owners reach their fellow chiropractors and grow their coaching business. 

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