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Firebird Analytical Solutions & Technologies

Firebird AST provides specialized analytical solutions, operational services, and intelligence to the US intelligence services, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement domains, and commercial financial institutions.

Case Study

In Need of User-Friendly Web Design

The Firebird AST site was slow and did not rank well in search engine results for queries that government entities would be searching for. They needed an updated website design and the ability to edit the site independently, as it changes frequently.


Why They Chose Page One Digital

Firebird AST was referred to Page One Digital by their IT specialist from Dexterity, where Page One Digital previously provided consulting services.

Page One Digital Solutions

1. Website Design Focused on Tech

Firebird's website was not responsive, so it did not perform well on mobile browsers. The site was also missing optimized page titles and descriptions which was affecting their search ranking. The team also needed an easy way to update their blog. Page One Digital had to ensure that the Firebird web design appeared professional and was easy to navigate, as they offer solutions to diverse government entities. Page One was able to refresh and reorganize the site in a way that optimized it for search engines while creating the ability for the Firebird team to update the website as needed.



2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Because Firebird offers solutions to more than government entities, it needs to have an optimized online presence. Page One Digital used expert-level SEO research to identify Firebird’s target audience and then optimized its website to help the company show up in that audience’s search engine results. Custom marketing solutions were necessary to meet all of Firebird’s needs, and Page One Digital delivered.

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“Kimberly was great to work with. Very responsive and responsible. Got our site updated very quickly.”

Michelle Stanley, COO, Firebird AST


Firebird is consistently seeing increased traffic to its optimized website.

Analytics graphs showing an increase in Firebird AST’s website organic traffic.
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Specialized Solutions

Page One Digital worked with Firebird AST to provide the team with a mobile-friendly, optimized website that they could independently manage and use to post blog content. Firebird is consistently seeing increased traffic to its optimized website. 

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